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I have not yet been to a Woolworths Ac but to various other acs. I highly recommend a suit. Always better dressed than under. Hi all! I was lucky enough to find this on Whirlpool a year ago when I started applying for internships/degrees. This is a list of approximately 300 employers who offer degree-leading positions (some of which also offer internship programs). It is not exhaustive, but quite complete! I hope this helps everyone at this stage of their studies/career preparation. Good luck x The Woolworths Group is Australia`s largest retailer. In a company of this size, our employees can really make a big impact in their roles. When you join Woolworths Group IT, you`re joining one of Australia`s largest technology teams.

Join us as a graduate to gain hands-on IT experience and make a real difference in our businesses, supply chain operations and support offices. Another pleasure was that it was in Sydney for a program and me and the other person were from the Interstate! Participate in a graduate program at one of the largest companies. Easy to get a good roller once you have your feet in the door. At Ampol, we offer an exciting graduate program with rotations in our Fuels and Infrastructure business. I chose the Woolworths graduate programme because I wanted to gain interesting and varied experience in my area of interest, corporate and commercial law. I can`t praise the graduate program enough – so far, it has exceeded my expectations and allowed me to be exposed to more fascinating and challenging legal issues than I could have imagined. Participation in the graduate program has been a unique and valuable opportunity to dive headfirst into the law and explore how it is applied in all possible contexts, while being supported by a large team of lawyers with extensive high-level and corporate experience. No two days are the same – I`m working on a supplier contract, the next day on litigation and the next day on one of the largest divisions in the history of the Australian company.

For me, the most exciting aspect of the graduate program is that the work I`m involved in is hands-on and I`m encouraged to think outside the box to solve real problems – there`s nothing more rewarding than contributing to tangible solutions for the company and our customers. As part of our 2020 Corporate Responsibility, we are committed to achieving parity in our graduate program and continuing to build developmental career paths and development opportunities for our team members. I don`t assume anything. I am an active member of the computer workspaces with other programmers (1-2 times a week). I often get condescending feedback on how to write good code for a girl and or I should focus on the frontend so I can make websites pretty. I was even asked once at a computer conference if I was there to drop my friend off at the event (I was a solo participant). Studies also suggest that people tend to get a worse score after discovering that it was written by a woman (www.livescience.com/53729-bias-against-female-coders…). That said, I`ve also met some incredibly supportive people along the way, so it`s not all bad. The Woolworths graduate program changed my life! I had the opportunity to work in four different teams during my rotations, which allowed me to better understand the intricacies of the business and develop my skills as a real estate professional. Now that I have placed the graduate program in the role of Assistant Director of Development, I feel competent and confident to lead projects at all stages of the developments we undertake.

I don`t assume anything. I am an active member of the computer workspaces with other programmers (1-2 times a week). I often get condescending comments about writing good code for a girl I haven`t looked for so far since I`ve been still at university in Melbourne. After graduation, I would be willing to travel interstate or abroad. I would love to work abroad. As one of the largest in-house retail legal teams, you`ll work with our experienced general counsel and lawyers who will advise you on some of Corporate Australia`s most interesting and complex legal issues. Shaping the future of finance When you graduate in 2022, we look for the next generation of leaders to join our team and actively shape finance transformation. Here you`ll gain exposure to finance and develop skills that will keep you ahead of the curve at Woolworths Group. What you will learn and experience During this 2-year programme, you will alternate between our corporate finance functions, sales and operations teams, and be part of our Finance Shared Services team, based in Adelaide and Hobart. The role is primarily based at our North West headquarters. I am grateful for the opportunities and incredible environment I have experienced through the Woolworths graduate programme and would like to encourage anyone who wants to develop their legal career in an interesting and unique way to consider applying. We have a passion for retail; and provide thought leadership and professional and honest legal advice in a variety of areas of expertise, including corporate and commercial law, real estate, intellectual property, competition and regulatory affairs, civil liability, mergers and acquisitions, digital, data and privacy, and employment law with teams in Australia and New Zealand.

Yes, men are the majority of victims of male violence, so it shocks me absolutely why men don`t do more to stop the violence of their male fellow citizens. Think they`re on the barricades trying to reduce toxic masculinity and fighting for a culture where violence is abhorred? Why don`t men advocate for better services to provide abusive men with the tools they need to reduce their insults? Why don`t they call them for horrible behavior? Where are the men`s marches that support male victims of male violence? Why don`t they push for school programs based on respect, resilience, and improved emotional intelligence? As part of Woolworths Group`s graduate program in technology, I have had the opportunity to work in leading teams, supporting my early career development while creating a successful technology career plan that focuses on ongoing customer and community empowerment. Since college, I knew I wanted to get into the tech industry, but I didn`t know which tech field was best for me. Woolworths Group`s flexible 2-year rotation programme allows me to work with very different teams and technology areas/roles and get a sense of what interests me as a future technology expert. The ability to move from one technology flow to another in a company like Woolworths Group was the main reason I seized this opportunity. Being able to design my graduate program with my degree manager allowed me to get to know the different parts of the business, expand my technical and interpersonal skills, and connect to a very supportive network. What exactly is the problem? Women have as many legal privileges as men. In fact, they are often better dealt with in many areas such as family courts, domestic violence cases, maternity leave, etc. The fact that there are men who do not believe that they can write code well is hardly a reason to take up arms and rebel against the system. It sounds like you don`t value someone`s right to their personal opinion. What I appreciated most about the graduate experience was that I was able to actively design my program around my interests and development goals.

Before joining the graduate program, I was undecided about my future career path and set myself a personal goal to challenge myself to explore the different opportunities within the company, especially in the field of cybersecurity. From on-the-job training to regular workshops for graduates, the program helps develop skills in the field of commercial and retail real estate. Also check out the Whirlpool curriculum chart, which might give you some good ideas. Woolworths is much more than a food company, it is dedicated to supporting the community in times of need, as well as encouraging and nurturing young team members and graduates to become the best version of themselves. After watching Woolworths walk on the plate during the recent bushfires and pandemic in Australia, I felt an immense sense of pride to work for such a community-driven company. I have friends who are doing CS degrees who can`t get internships, while every girl in their cohort has no problem. Affirmative action programs in the industry are no joke. I found this list some time ago and added it to a few other listings to get ~450 companies offering study programs in Australia.