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In the second half of 2020, YG showed a positive financial trend due to Treasure`s first album series, Blackpink`s full-length album, Winner`s Mino, Yoon`s solo business, and AKMU`s Suhyun solo business. Although this figure is not within the expected target, it is believed that this value is due to COVID-19, which has led to the cancellation of some concerts. [92] The construction of the new YG Entertainment building was declared completed in September 2020, this building was voted the most luxurious and expensive building of the entertainment agency in South Korea. [93] [94] Hi, thank you for reading this profile! I hope it was informative and enjoyable for you to read. Please see my other profiles, including: Entertainment Companies, Groups and Member Profiles. If you have a suggestion for me, you can contact me on the forums. My username is Lost_In_The_Dream. Not much is known about her, except that she is a former model child and that she was trained in a dance school. In 2020, YG announced plans for the delayed debut of Treasure, Blackpink`s first full-length album, and the return of Big Bang, which was eventually postponed to 2022. They were also scheduled to perform at the 2020 Coachella concert, but it was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following the success of Se7en, YG formed his first idol group Big Bang in 2006.[89] Despite a mixed initial reception, the group`s breakthrough the following year and their continued popularity made them one of the largest and most profitable boy bands in the world. [13] This was followed in 2009 by YG`s first successful girl group, 2NE1,[14] which was considered one of South Korea`s most successful and popular girl groups before they broke up in 2016. [15] [16] Like Seven, both groups have pursued successful careers in Japan. [17] [18] [19] In April 2011, United Asia Management was founded as a joint talent management agency by YG, SM, JYP, KeyEast, AGING and Star J Entertainment. [113] YGMM was founded in May 2021 as a form of collaboration with GMM Grammy, Thailand`s largest entertainment company with a capital of 200 billion baths ($5 billion), the company will focus on entertainment and consulting companies for concerts, theater and theater. GMM Grammy is one of the oldest mainstream entertainment companies in Thailand with a range of music labels as well as TV and film productions. GMM Grammy will hold a 51% stake in the company, while the remaining 49% will be held by YG Entertainment. [111] [112] PSY debuted in 2001 with the extraordinary song “Bird” and was continually loved by audiences for over a decade. Since its first song, PSY has retained its unique musical color by producing various hits such as “Champion”, “Paradise”, “Entertainer”, “Right Now” and “Shake It”. After two years of preparation, PSY finally returns on July 18, 2012 with their brand new album [PSY 6甲] Part 1.

PSY caused a worldwide sensation with its theme song “Gangnam Style” and rewrote K-POP history by setting a record 100 million views on YouTube and being included on the US list of “iTunes TOP10 SONGS”. PSY also participated as an artist representing Korea in the “2012 MTV Video Music Awards”, a prestigious US awards ceremony. Famous for its special dance performance, touching lyrics and witty stage manners, PSY constantly tries to connect with its fans through its annual branded concert “PSY SUMMER STAND, THE DRENCHED SHOW”. YGEX is a Japanese record label. As a subsidiary of the Avex Group, its head office is located in Tokyo, Japan. It was founded on April 12, 2011 by Japanese record company Avex Group and South Korean entertainment company YG Entertainment, and this is the first time a Korean entertainment company has established a label in Japan. The name YGEX is a portmanteau of participating companies YG Entertainment and AVEX and has two meanings: “EXPERIENCE” and “EXCLUSIVE”. In March 1996, Yang Hyun-suk, formerly of the first-generation K-pop group Seo Taiji and Boys, founded YG Entertainment with his younger brother Yang Min-suk.[1] [6] [8] The company`s first artist was the hip-hop trio Keep Six. When they failed to gain popularity, Yang focused on the duo Jinusean and in 1998 on the debut of 1TYM. Both were successful artists, which Yang attributes to the introduction of YG and the hip-hop genre into mainstream Korean music. [6] In January 2021, it was reported that Big Hit Entertainment and its technology division beNX had invested a total of 70 billion won ($63 million) in YG Entertainment`s subsidiary, YG Plus, accounting for 17.9% of the company`s total shares. This investment was made as a form of strategic collaboration between Big Hit Entertainment, beNX, YG Entertainment and YG Plus, who will collaborate in various business areas such as platform, distribution, content and merchandise.

YG Plus is the primary distributor of Hybe Corporation`s products and beNX (now known as Weverse Company) provides content and a platform for YG artists. [95] [96] As a result of this series of scandals and controversies, Yang Hyun Suk resigned from all his positions in the agency. Similarly, his younger brother, Yang Min Suk, gave up his position as CEO of YG Entertainment as a form of responsibility. This resignation was officially announced on June 14, 2019. [81] [82] [83] The then CFO Hwang Bo-kyung was appointed YG`s new CEO on June 20, 2019. [84] YG Entertainment 2013–present 2004–2013 2001–2004 1996–2001 Names Other names YGE General information Type Public Founded on February 24, 1996 Founder(s) Yang Hyun Suk Location Seoul, South Korea Key people Yang Min Suk (CEO; ?–2019; 2022–present)[1][2]Hwang Bo Kyung (CEO; 2019–present)[3] Subsidiaries Shinning Star CultureYG Entertainment JapanYG KPLUSYG PLUS Website SNS YG Entertainment (와이지엔터테인먼트) is a South Korean record label and entertainment agency. It was founded on February 24, 1996 by Yang Hyun Suk. Television appearances 2013. 04.

28. SBS [The Music Trend] `Gentleman` winner 2013. 04. 27. MBC [Show! Music Core] `Gentleman` Winner 2013. 04. 25. M.net [Countdown M] Winner `Gentleman` 2013. 04. 25. KBS [Music Bank] `Gentleman` Winner 2013. 04.

21. SBS [The Music Trend] `Gentleman` Winner YG Entertainment Inc. YG 엔터테인먼트) is a South Korean multinational entertainment agency founded in 1996 by Yang Hyun-suk. [6] The company operates as a record label, talent agency, music production company, event management and concert production company, and music publisher. In addition, the company operates a number of subsidiaries under a separate publicly traded company, YG Plus, which includes a clothing line, a golf management agency and a cosmetics brand. [7] In 2022, YG Entertainment announced that Treasure would return with their new album,[98] the album will be released in February 2022. After Jinwoo and Seunghoon completed their compulsory military service in January 2022, Winner reunited with a full line-up and announced that they would return soon with a new album and a full line-up, after Seungyoon and Mino actively released solo albums during the band`s hiatus,[100] YG Entertainment announced that Seungyoon would release a single album in March 2022. [101] Treasure and Winner will perform separate concerts in April 2022.

[102] [103] Subin is expected to become a dancer when she debuts in the new girls` group. In addition to training as a K-pop idol, Subin has also worked as a model. She even modeled for Produce 48 uniforms. YG Entertainment is a truly global company. After founding YG Japan in 2007, YG Japan partnered with Japan`s No. 1 entertainment company Avex in 2011 to form the joint label YGEX. By focusing on the aggressive expansion of YG`s business in the Japanese market, YGEX has created a safe place for YG artists in the Japanese market. YG Entertainment is actively expanding into the Asian market outside of Korea and Japan, with efforts in Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia, as well as Taiwan and mainland China. YG Entertainment is also targeting the Americas and Europe, having already seen tangible results from targeted new media campaigns in these markets. YG has expanded beyond Asia and is ready to stand out in the global market. Yang`s increased involvement in competitive reality series has led to several recording deals with contestants, starting with Lee Hi, the finalist of the first season of K-Pop Star. Other participants on the show were signed as potential members of the label`s future boy bands.[31] In the second season of the show, the two winners, the duo Akdong Musician and finalist Bang Ye-dam, signed under the agency.

[32] [33] In addition, YG`s reality show Win: Who is Next was launched later, in which two teams of male apprentices competed to sign a contract with the label to debut as the company`s next boy band.